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Dr Michael Rees DC

Born and raised in Namibia with a yoga teacher mother and a pharmacist father, I gained a well-balanced approach to health at an early age, being exposed to both the sickness and wellness paradigms. My high school years were spent in Cape Town, and the school I attended was the first rugby playing school in South Africa. Even today, that school often serves as a training venue for touring Australian teams.

Dr Michael Rees, DC (USA)

Dr Michael Rees, (Chiropractor)

That said, rugby was a big deal in my younger years, and at about 15 years of age, I was introduced to Chiropractic after injuring my neck in a rugby scrum. The Chiropractor whose practice I attended was a fit, charismatic man who lived the chiropractic wellness philosophy. This experience very much influenced my life, and it was at that time that I started formulating the idea of becoming a Chiropractor.

This was ironic because at that time there were no chiropractic universities in South Africa, and the way most chiropractors became qualified was through RUGBY scholarships to colleges in the USA. Regrettably, my rugby skills did not shine that brightly and I was not offered such a scholarship. So, after high school, I spent two years in the army, which saw me spending time in the bush as a lieutenant in an anti-aircraft battery.

On leaving the army, I began studying a medical degree at Stellenbosch University. It was toward the end of my first year that an opportunity arose to study Chiropractic locally, and I was lucky enough to be included in the intake for the first chiropractic university in South Africa. It was there that I met my beautiful wife Jeanine. In 1993, Jeanine and I left for California to complete a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Life West Chiropractic College. I’m proud to say, we both graduated Cum Laude in the mid 1990’s.

Jeanine and I then returned to Cape Town and opened separate private practices where we practiced for 6 years before immigrating to Sydney. After 7 years in Sydney and with two young, very active children, we were looking for a healthy/outdoor lifestyle and settled on the Gold Coast. The sport, beaches, boating and camping have been great for the family.

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